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Smart Cloud Engineer

In today’s world, the challenges met by engineers are huge in designing components of structures for varied conditions.

The owners of engineering firm, Consultants or practicing engineers are finding it difficult to identify single software that can solve many of their problems in structural engineering design. It is becoming too costly to procure multiple software due to huge initial investments.

The aim of the ECPlus Design is to solve these issues in a holistic approach such that solutions for many problems are made available at low cost through the cloud computing with subscription based license.

Currently ECPlus hosts several calculation modules for designing various structural engineering components that needs solving in day to day life of a structural engineers.

It gives the software in a easy to learn approach using a modern user interface which require very little or no learning curve i.e. you can straight away start solving your problems without going through a training process

It is our empathy toward engineers in creating these tools which can solve complex problems easily at very low running costs

We strive to create more and more calculation modules based on current industry needs.

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